Lecturer, Sculpture and Spatial Practices, School of Art and Social Sciences, Southern Cross University, NSW.


2018 PHD Doctor of Philosophy, QCA, Griffiths University, QLD.

2000 Master of Arts, Southern Cross University, NSW.

1988 Graduate Diploma, Centre for the Arts, Tasmania.

1987 Bachelor of Arts, University of New England, NSW.


2018 Out of the Shadows, Watters Gallery, Sydney.

2016 Imperfect Friends, Watters Gallery, Sydney.

2013 Indefinite Densities, Watters Gallery, Sydney.

2011 Just Act Natural Watters Gallery, Sydney.

2008 Weather or Not, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

2006 Graft, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

2005 Snoring for your Smile, Michael Fox Gallery, Brisbane.

2004 Plumb-line, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

2003 As Long As There Is ...., Grafton Regional Gallery, NSW.

2002 Suspended Sigh, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

2001 Wholly Gestures, Despard Gallery, Hobart.

2001 Coming To Distance, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

2000 Eventual Body Spaces, Southern Cross University Art Museum, NSW.

1999 Render Me Senseless, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

1997 Heel, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

1996 Migration Of The Mawkish, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

1995 Portage, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

1993 Dry Lips, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

1992 Endlessly In One Motion Depart, Dick Bett Gallery, Hobart.

1991 Complaints Of The Shadow, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

1990 This Tenuous Earth, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

1989 Room by Room, Lismore Regional Art Gallery, NSW.

1988 Ceramic Sculpture, Salamanca Place Gallery, Hobart.


2019 25/25: Celebrating 25 years of arts education at Southern Cross University 1994-2018.

2019 Enucleo, as part of the Australian Ceramics Triennale showing from the 30th of April 2019 until the 19th of May 2019 at Rosny Farm, Hobart. Curated by Serena Rosevear. Featuring: Dr Fiona Fell, Penny Byrne, Ebony Russell, Pie Bolton, Samantha Dennis and Arun Sharma.

2018 Dirt and Ash, Fiona Fell & Kellie O’Dempsey, Lismore Regional Gallery.

2018 Otherings, Curating the art show accompanying the EASA Biennial Conference "Nationalism Old and New: Europe, Australia and Their Others," organised by the Observatory: Australian Studies Centre for the European Association for Studies of Australia at the Faculty of Letters, University of Barcelona, 17-19 January 2018. Exhibition catalogue available at

2016 Ceramic Perspectives 12 September to 11 October 2016. Curating the 13-head Australian representation in the international ceramics exhibition Eventual Spaces, organised by the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) in Barcelona, Spain,. This exhibition is integrated into the 47th General Assembly of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) from 12 to 16 September 2016 in Barcelona. Participation besides curation with one significant work.

2016 Metal Thread and Mud, Watters Gallery group sculpture exhibition in October featured: Paul Bacon, Roger Crawford, Brian Doar, Fiona Fell, Robin Greer, Catherine Hearse, Ian Howard, Noel Hutchison, Robert Klippel, Leo Loomans, Robert Jenyns, Glenn Murray, Robert Parr, James Rogers and Paul Selwood.

2016 The War show, Group show Watters Gallery, Sydney, November/December.

2016 Heads, Watters Gallery, Sydney.

2014 Watershed Sculpture Exhibition. University of Barcelona.

2014 Four Australian Ceramic Artists, Tong-In Gallery, Seoul, Korea.

2014 The course of objects: the fine lines of inquiry, Manly Art Gallery and Museum, NSW.

2013 The Fuping Group. Sturt Gallery, Mittagong exhibition after a residency 2006-07 China an exhibition of ceramic artists from Australia and New Zealand, Australasian Museum in Fuping, China

2013 Our House, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney, 19/7-25/8/13. 2012 Brown Street Studios, as part of the accompanying exhibition for Positive Loop, a conference on collaborative practices, West End, Brisbane.

2012 Narrative Knot, a curated exhibition by Gerry Wedd of 23 Australian ceramic artists, Manly Art Gallery, NSW.

2011 Frank’s Flat, Frank Watters collection, Maitland Regional Art Gallery, NSW.

2011 Lyndall Adams and Fiona Fell: Reload: One night stack, Grafton Regional Gallery.

2010 Australasian artists at FLICAM, Fuping, China.

2010 Melbourne Art Fair Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne Art Month Sydney, Watters Gallery Sydney.

2010 Lyndall Adams and Fiona Fell, Select and Save, 25 June-8 Aug, Tweed Regional Gallery.

2010 Watters Gallery Summer Exhibition, Watters Gallery, Sydney.

2009 Crossfire. Australian National Ceramic Triennale, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

2009 In Good Company. Skepsi Gallery, Melbourne.

2009 Easterly Edge. Fusions Gallery, Brisbane.

2009 Sculpture Show, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

2009 White Heat Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Sydney Crossfire, part of the Australian National Ceramic Triennale, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

2009 Fuping – In Good Company, Skepsi on Swanston.

2009 A curated exhibition by NZ artist John Parker, Australasian artists working in Fuping at FLICAM.

2009 China residency. Melbourne Contribution 3 works shown at Masterworks Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand.

2009 Easterly Edge, Fusions Gallery, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

2008 Small Sculpture, Legge Gallery, From Mao to Now, Newington Amory Gallery, Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney.

2008 Salute: A Salute to Australian Ceramics: An Invitational Exhibition curated by Janet Mansfield, Fusions, Brisbane.

2008 Fusions, Australian network of clay and glass artists.

2008 Melbourne Art Fair 08 Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

2007 Convictions, University of Astronautics and Aeronautics, Nanjing, China Australasian Museum, Fu Li Ceramic Art Museum, Fuping, Shaanxi Province, China.

2007 Opening Exhibition at Fu Li Ceramic Art Museum FLICAM, China.

2007 The Edge, New South Wales ceramic artists, Verge Conference-Convention Centre, Brisbane.

2006 Group Show, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

2006 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Kiln, The Delmar Gallery, Sydney.

2006 Melbourne Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

2006 No Glaze No Glory / collaboration Raimond De Weerdt, Powerhouse, Brisbane.

2006 Before You Go / collaboration with Gary Jolley, Piece Gallery, Mullumbimby.

2006 The Edge, NSW Ceramic Artists, Verge Conference, Convention Centre, Brisbane.

2006 Collaboration with Lyndall Adams-Pause/Play, Grafton Regional Gallery, Grafton.

2005 Sculpture 2005, Legge Gallery,Sydney.

2005 Reflexions, Lismore Regional Gallery, NSW.

2004 Voyage of the Underwhelmed, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

2004 Melbourne Art Fair 2004 Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

2003 Figurative Sculpture, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

2003 LEGS, eleven Ceramic Art, Sydney Summer Show Legge Gallery.

2002 Melbourne Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

2002 Less is More, Less is a Bore,Brisbane City Gallery, Queensland.

2002 Legge Gallery Summer Show, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

2001 A Suburb Called Millennium Downs with Brian Doar and Kate Dunn, Object Gallery, Australian Centre for Craft and Design, Customs House, Sydney Sculpture.

2000 Ten Years Legge Gallery, Sydney.

2000 Seventh Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

2000 11th Summer Exhibition, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

1999 10th Summer Exhibition, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

1999 Sixth Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

1999 Something Sexy on Pico, Jennifer Joyce Gallery, Santa Monica, USA.

1999 Figurative Ceramic Sculpture, John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, California, USA.

1997 Home Brand, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney NSW.

1997 No Holds Barred, Stripp Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria.

1997 Mad, Bad, Woman. Out Of The Void, Queensland Art Gallery.

1997 32nd Festival of Fisher’s Ghost, Campbelltown City Art Gallery.

1996 Mellow Down Easy, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

1996 Fifth Australian Contemporary Art Fair Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

1996 Wedge, Beaver Gallery, Canberra ACT.

1995 Delinquent Angel Australian Historical, Aboriginal and Contemporary Ceramics, Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche, Feanza, Italy; on tour Chicago; Japan. Touring Australia 1996- 1997: Northern Territory Museum and Art Gallery Darwin; Cairns Regional Gallery, Queensland; Jam Factory Craft and Design Centre, Adelaide; S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney; Old Treasury Building, Melbourne.

1994 Fourth Australian Contemporary Art Fair Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

1994 International Ceramic Art, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan.

1993 Tempest - Stormy Works, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

1993 Ten large scale works, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

1993 The 30th Anniversary Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown City Art Gallery.

1992 Thisness, Legge Gallery Fishers Ghost Awards, Campbelltown City Art Gallery, New South Wales.

1992 Works from Stock and Studio, Legge Gallery, Sydney.

1992 The Max Watters’ Collection, Muswellbrook Art Gallery, New South Wales.

1991 6th National Ceramic Conference, Griffith University, Queensland.

1991 Primitive Concepts - The Four Elements, Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery, Maitland City Art Gallery, Muswellbrook Regional Gallery.

1991 Reference Points, New Australian Acquisitions In Context, Queensland Art Gallery.

1990 The Cow Show, Legge Gallery National Ceramic Award Canberra School of Art Gallery 1990 Shifting Ground, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Legge Gallery.

1990 Preview, Watters Gallery, Sydney.

1989 Ceramic Sculpture, Grafton Regional Gallery.

1889 New South Wales Bravura, Lismore Regional Art Gallery, NSW.

1988 Graduate Diploma Exhibition, Centre for the Arts Gallery, Hobart.

1986 The Flinders Ranges Show, Lismore Regional Art Gallery, NSW.


2013 La Obra Perfecta, a short film in collaboration with Raimond De Weerdt and Maarten Renes.

2012 Clay Noir, collaborative film project, Raimond De Weerdt and Fiona Fell, selected for the 7th Festival Du Film Sur L’argile et le Verre. Also screened at the Design Junction in London, held during the London Design Festival.

2011 Reload one Night Stack, Grafton Regional Gallery 2010 Outskirts of Flame, a community collaboration in conjunction with the Broken Hill art exchange shape program.

2011 Select and Save, a collaboration with Dr. Lyndall Adams – Tweed River Gallery, New South Wales.

2007 Before You Go, collaboration, original works and studio artifacts, Gary Jolley-Fiona Fell, Piece Gallery, Mullumbimby, New South Wales.

No Glaze No Glory, collaboration Raimond De Weerdt, a large scale digital projection, Powerhouse, Brisbane, QLD.

2006 Pause/Play, collaboration with Lyndall Adams consisting of 16 works combining digital imagery with ceramic figurative sculptures, Grafton Regional Gallery The Damned, collaboration, an installation of video, photographs and ceramic sculptures, Lismore Regional Gallery.

2002 Collaboration think tank, Queensland Theatre Company, Brisbane.

1998 Performance collaboration with Denise Urehara (performance artist, Los Angeles), 18th St. Arts Complex, Santa Monica, California, USA.


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2011-12 Golden Gate Pottery, Pondicherry, India.

2010-11 Residency at SODA, Fremantle, Sculptural Objects and Design Australia.

2010 Broken Hill Art Exchange, Broken Hill, New South Wales.

2007 Presenter, Education Panel, National Ceramic Conference, Gulgong.

2006 International Residency, Fuping, China, Australia/China Council grant.

2005 Presenter, Fragmentation conference, Cardiff, Wales, U.K.

2004 Presenter, Ceramic Symposium, Innate Perspectives, Grafton Regional Gallery 2003 NSW Ministry of the Arts, Gunnery Studio, Sydney.

2002 Collaboration, Queensland Theatre Company, Brisbane.

2000 Craftmark accredited, craft @ work program Craft Australia.

1998 Project Development Grant – Overseas studio V.A.C.B., Los Angeles, USA. Guest International Artist, NCEACA, Texas, USA. Guest International Artist/Presenter, CACA, John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, California, USA.

1997 International Guest Artist Toki City Gifu Prefecture, Japan, 3 months.

1996 Project Development Grant - Los Angeles Studio Australia Council.

1994 Fishers Ghost Ceramic Award Campbelltown City Art Gallery 1991 Project Development Grant V.A.C.B Nine Ceramic Artists.

1988 Amnesty International Encouragement Award Hobart.

1987 Northern Rivers College of Advanced Education College Medal.


  • National Gallery of Australia ACT.

  • Bendigo Regional Gallery, Victoria.

  • FLICAM, Australasian Museum, Fuping China.

  • Cera Techno, Toki City, Japan.

  • 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, California, USA.

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